Creation of the Sunrise Suite

It took 4 months to create the beautiful, new Sunrise Suite. The combination of two original bedrooms, the Coral Room and the Canopy Room.

As many previous guests remember, we always had that one room, the Canopy, that had to go across the hall for it’s bathroom, although it’s best feature is a gas burning fireplace with original oak mantle. This situation had to change. Guests no longer want to leave their bedroom to use their bathroom.

We broke through an original (1890) door frame in the lathe and plaster between the 2 bedrooms and created a sitting area in what was the Coral Room. Since lathe and plaster is so hard to work with, the walls had to be sheet rocked right over the old walls. We were able to save the original Chestnut moldings at the floor and around the windows and doors. Gene had to cover over existing doors which would not be used again. He always saves and reuses the beautiful Chestnut wood. After that, the bathroom for the bedroom had to be gutted. The bathroom is in the sitting room section, as is a glamorous 48 inch sink with drawers and baskets below. The new shower is beautiful and has a rounded glass door.  There is a more private separation from the bedroom area and sitting area which allows us to have a 42″ TV in sitting area and a 42″ TV over the mantle of the fireplace in the bedroom. The colors are soft grey blue and coral highlights.

When the construction was finished, we were able to pull up carpeting to expose original hardwood floors. We knew the floors would be in good shape, since many years ago AAA made us cover them to be listed in their guide. That was pretty stupid on their part, but back then there was no internet so an accommodation needed AAA as a listing and we were forced to go by their silly rule.

Thanks to, and, the furnishings started to arrive. There is a new king bed and mattress and beautiful chairs, paintings and accessories. I used a soft silver on the ceiling fans and fixtures just to give it a modern twist.

Sunrise New Bathroom  Sitting area of Sunrise Suite

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